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Cape Tribulation offers great scuba diving
See the Great Barrier Reef with Rum Runner!

Rum Runner is currently not in Cape Tribulation until further notice,
please see Oceansafari for half day snorkelling trips.

The Great Barrier Reef is closer to the coast at Cape Tribulation than anywhere else in Queensland and the Rum Runner can take you out there in less than an hour for scuba diving and snorkeling!
Below is some info, prices and photos to get you enthusiastic about this great reef trip and a link to book this tour online with us.

daintree coast accommodation at cape tribulation
Off grid eco accommodation in the Daintree


cape tribulation scubadiving and snorkeling the great barrier reef
Rum Runner leaving Cape Tribulation for a day of snorkeling and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba diving from Cape Tribulation off the Daintree Coast is a must do. Above you see the Rum Runner departing for a great day of snorkelling and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. It is a comfortable sailing catamaran that carries only 44 passengers and can take you from Cape Tribulation to the Great Barrier Reef in less than an hour for a magic day of snorkeling and/or scubadiving.

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef topped the list when early 2004 a survey was held in the UK and people were asked for their 'five things to do before you die'.
A visit to Cape Tribulation would just simply not be complete without a trip to this amazing eco system. While many (often pretty large) boats run out of Cairns and Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation has only two small operators, ensuring a great day and pristine coral.

Out on the reef you will see lots of brightly colored fish and corals, sting rays, giant clams, sea turtles, and even some harmless small reef sharks. Some days whales are spotted too that pass through the area on their way to breeding grounds.
Rum Runner's crew will give you informative talks to help you understand and appreciate this eco system even more. Dependent on weather conditions and tides this trip will go to either Undine Reef or Mackay Reef.

Never done scuba diving before? Never mind, you can still dive here. This is called an intro-dive and a qualified instructor will equip you, give you all instructions needed and stay with you throughout the dive. An experience not to be missed.

The Rum Runner is on its way to the Great Barrier Reef
Rum Runner sailing from Cape Tribulation to the Great Barrier Reef
Rum Runner leaving Cape Tribulation for a day of snorkeling and scuba divingon the Great Barrier Reef
Rum Runner leaving Cape Tribulation for a day of snorkeling and scuba divingon the Great Barrier Reef

Prices are $150.- adult, children 3-14 years $100.- , infants free. They offer a family deal of $450.- too.
Certified scuba diving prices are $50.- for first dive, $25.- for a second dive.
Introductory scuba diving prices are $70.- for the first dive, $40.- for a second dive.
Included are; morningtea, afternoon tea, a tropical buffet lunch, informative talks on marine life, snorkel gear, and pick-up and return by bus to Rainforest Hideaway. Other things like underwater cameras, chocolate bars, soft drinks, beer, hats, T-shirts etc. are available for sale on board. Wetsuits are included in the price and prescription masks are available for hire.
The Rum Runner bus will pick you up from Rainforest Hideaway around 07.50 in the morning and take you to Cape Tribulation Beach where a small tender will take you to the boat. The same bus will return you to Rainforest Hideaway around 16.30 in the afternoon.
If you are a vegetarian, breatharian, or have any other dietary requirements please inform at the time of booking your reeftrip as this can be catered for.

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departing cape tribulation for a day of snorkeling and scuba diving
rum runner on the way to the great barrier reef
returning from cape tribulation after a day of scubadiving and snorkeling
after a day at the great barrier reef rum runner returns to cape tribulation

From Cape Tribulation there are only day trips, if you'd like to spend several days on a liveaboard boat you'll need to do this from Cairns, to book reeftrips or scuba diving courses (or any other tours) in Cairns click here.

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snorkeling  and scuba diving on the great barrier reef off the coast of cape tribulation
Rum Runner has arrived at the Great Barrier Reef
scuba diving  with tropical fish off  the coast of cape tribulation
Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef


Whale passing Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation does not have guaranteed whale spotting like Hervey Bay but during August and September there is a good chance of seeing whales passing by on their annual migration.
Whale migrating through Great Barrier Reef
This whale was spotted by Rum Runner crew during a cruise in September 2006 and entertained passengers for quite a while.

This popular trip is often booked out in the busy seasons, you might like to book this in advance to avoid disappointment. Your host Shane will be happy to make arangements for you, this way you can book your accommodation and reef trip all at the same time and only need to send your deposit or credit card details once. If you have already booked your accommodation at Rainforest Hideaway you can at any time later easily book this trip and it will not be necessary to re-send your credit card details. (There is no extra booking fee, you pay exactly the same as when you'd go to the operator directly).

To book this tour with us click here
or to ask any other details on the trip send an email

Divers with Medical Conditions

Australian Scuba Diving Standards require that all certified divers are medically fit to dive. Certain medical conditions may exclude you from diving, for example; Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Heart, Lung or Blood Disorders of any kind. If you are taking any medication (with the exception of the contraceptive pill) you may also be excluded from diving.

If you suffer from a medical condition or are taking medication, a fully completed Medical Form (A.S. 4005.1) is to be completed by a Medical Practitioner with knowledge of diving medicine, prior to your arrival at Cape Tribulation. This form must be presented before you will be able to participate in any form of diving.