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Tours and other things to do around Cape Tribulation
snorkel tour to the great barrier reef from cape tribulation in the daintree

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation is one of the best tours to do during your Daintree holiday.
With Ocean Safari, a high speed 12 metre rigid inflatable with two V8 700 horsepower motors that carries only 25 passengers, you can get out to the Great Barrier Reef in only 25 minutes for an unforgettable half day of snorkeling.
Out on the reef you will see countless colored fish, sea turtles, giant clams and even some harmless small reef sharks. Dependent on weather conditions and tides you will go to either Undine Reef or Mackay Reef and visit two different sites with at least two hours spent on the reef.

Ocean Safari leaves from Myall Beach, straight down the street from Rainforest Hideaway.

You might like to book this in advance to avoid disappointment. Your host Shane will be happy to make arangements for you, this way you can book your accommodation and reef trip all at the same time. If you have already booked your accommodation at Rainforest Hideaway you can at any time later easily book this trip and it will not be necessary to re-send your credit card details. (There is no extra booking fee, you pay exactly the same as when you'd go to the operator directly).

The cost is $149.- adult, children 2-14 $99.- , and there is a family deal of $459.- (2A+2C)
This is an all inclusive price; environmental levy for protection and management of the Great Barrier Reef is included, and also informative talks on marine life, snorkel gear, and your transfers.
Other things like wetsuits ($8.-), prescription glasses ($15.-), soft drinks, etc. are available for hire or sale on board.
A bus will pick you up from Rainforest Hideaway and take you to the beach where you will board the boat.

jungle surfing in cape tribulation

The second most popular tour in the Daintree is Jungle surfing in Cape Tribulation, this is the newest way to see the rainforest, especially the canopy which is not normally accessible.
This is also a very popular activity and in busy times it is often book several days in advance.

Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours allows you to fly with the birds and sometimes see tree kangaroos, gliding through and above the rainforest canopy along a series of flying fox cables or zip lines, this is one of the most exciting activities in the Daintree.
Wonder at the many levels of this ancient rainforest on viewing platforms high in the towering trees. At each platform highly trained climbing and abseiling masters will explain your surroundings.

Photographers will especially enjoy the spectacular panoramas over the extensive rainforest canopy out to the azure Coral Sea, many of the regions fringing reefs and sand cays are visible.
All jungle surfing tours include a rainforest ecology walk and commentary with Jungle Surfing's tour guides.

Jungle Surfing has won many awards for their tours, the latest one for the new addition; the human hamster wheel which lifts jungle surfers up to the first tree.

Cost of the Jungle Surfing is $109 per adult and $99 per child.

More Daintree Tours

There's lots to do in the Daintree!

Horse Riding

horse riding at Cape Tribulation in the Daintree

Cape Tribulation Horse Rides offers several rides per day, picking up from Rainforest Hideaway or other locations. The free transfer vehicle will take you to the stables where you will be given a horse to suit your riding ability and be given instructions on how to ride safely. Then you will ride through rainforest and several creek crossings to Myall Beach for a ride along this totally unspoilt beach. On your way backto the stables you will again ride through the rainforest trails. The experienced riders will have a chance to trot and canter while the beginners take it a bit easier.

Before booking your horse ride please take a moment to select your riding ability. It is in the interest of your own comfort and safety that you do not overstate your riding ability as it will not only reduce your enjoyment of the ride but it can also lead to dangerous situations and injuries.

C - Complete beginners with no riding experience, riders who have ridden 30 times or used to ride years ago, riders with some experience but who are not confident trotting, cantering or controlling a horse.

B - Riders who have ridden at least 30 times, riders who are confident controlling a horse.

A - Riders who are absolutely confident with every aspect of riding, have several years experience, and continue to ride frequently.

Cost for the horse ride is $110.-

Please contact your host Shane who can arrange your horse riding tour for you, or you can book the horse ride online

Night Walks

guided night walks in the Daintree rain forest at Cape Tribulation

Guided rainforest walks in the Cape Tribulation Daintree area are an excellent way to learn about the rainforest, either as a day walk or night walk.

Jungle Adventures runs night walks, pick-up times around 19:30, prices are $49.- for nightwalks. All included are torches, raincoats, transfers and expert commentary by highly trained guides. They can also take you right into the canopy which is not usually accessible, this is known as Jungle Surfing.

Sea Kayaking

sea kayaking on the Daintree coast at Cape Tribulation

Sea kayaking is a fantastic way to explore the coast line and I should know as I used to work as a sea kayaking guide for two years around Cape Tribulation.

There is no longer a seakayak tour operator in Cape Tribulation; but there is one in Cow Bay; Tropical Seakayaks. Your guide will be a local with extensive knowledge of the local area giving you informative talks on the marine life, mangroves and local history. Though nothing can be guaranteed you may spot (in order of probability) : sea turtles, sea eagles, sting rays, dolphins, dugongs or whales.

Fruit Tasting

exotic fruit tasting at Cape Tribulation

Fruit tasting tours run three times a week at the Cape Trib Farm, where you can discover exotic fruits like chocolate pudding fruit, custard apple, soursop, jackfruit, durian, carambola etc.

Exotic tropical fruit comes in all shapes and sizes - some are hairy, others have lumps and bumps or sharp spikes. Often the most unusual fruit turns out to be the most delicious.


Croc Spotting

crocodile spotting on Cooper Creek and the Daintree river

Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises is the only tourboat permitted up Cooper Creek, roughly halfway between the Daintree river and Cape Tribulation. They can take you on a mangrove discovery tour towards the panorama of Queensland’s third highest mountain, Thornton Peak, on a leisurely & informative cruise into this unique world of mangroves. Devoid of tourist infrastructure, freehold subdivision and agriculture, Cooper Creek is, as it was, unspoiled by development, a perfect picture of prehistoric times. Cost for this cruise is $32.- for adults and $16.- for children, No online booking available, just contact your host.

Solar Whisper is an electric wildlife cruise boat with the latest technology in whisper quiet electric outboard motors and their croc-cam can instantly replay any missed action of Daintree wildlife. The on-board digital video camera linked to a full size television screen for hard to see wildlife and action re-plays of the Daintree River. Trained and experienced guide with 'eagle eyes' to track down Crocodiles (spotted on most trips, especially low tide), Birds, Snakes, Frogs, etc. and interpret their part in the Mangrove & Rainforest Ecosystem.

Daintree River Tours

Daintree river tour with Dan Irby

Dan Irby's Mangrove Adventures offers Daintree River cruises which are very personal and informative for both the amateur and professional visitors all year round catering for small tour groups of 2-10 people.

Join Dan for a Daintree River Tour and you will see and learn about the interaction and importance of the fascinating plants and animals found only in the Daintree River Mangrove ecosystem.

The main boat, "Nightwatchman" is 6 metres long with an open top and very comfortable 360 degree swivel seats. The swivel seats allow you to turn to see "the action" rather than sitting shoulder to shoulder on a bench seat. Nightwatchman's shallow draft allows a much closer approach to things of interest. Its wide beam also gives it great stability. Dan's tours depart from the ferry crossing on the northern side of the Daintree river.

Dan does an excellent tour which leaves late afternoon, which shows you the river in day light, you see the sunset, and get to do some night time spot lighting as well.

4WD Safaris

4WD safaris from Cape Tribulation up the Bloomfield Track in the Daintre rain forest

D'Arcy of the Daintree Tours runs half day tours to Wujal Wujal and the beautiful Bloomfield Falls at $119 adult / $70 for children, and also full day tours to Cooktown for $219/130

This tour will travel with a minimum of only two passengers so you may end up with a very personalized service, and there is a usual maximum of 5 passengers to Cooktown and 6 to Wujal.

The tour travels in a very comfortable vehicle, with the latest in satphone technology which enables communications all the way along the Bloomfield Track where mobile phones do not work.

This is a classic 4WD tour through beautiful creeks along the Bloomfield Track, with lots of sightseeing stops along the way such as the Strangler Fig, Emmagen Creek, Donovan's Point Lookout and Woobadda Creek, plus plants and wildlife.

On the way to the Falls, the new Wujal Wujal Arts Centre is open Tuesdays to Thursdays, with extra days in peak season. On most days, an Indigenous cultural tour can be arranged.

Half-day tour available twice daily from Cape Tribulation, and once or twice a week a full day tour to historic Cooktown. For enquiries and bookings please contact your host

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enjoy a massage in Cape Tribulation

It is great fun to be active and explore the Daintree, but when it is time to rest consider a massage in the tranquility of the Daintree rain forest.

Different providers come and go, enquire with your host about current options.

Sculpture Trail

See the sculpture trail at Rainforest Hideaway

Around the Rainforest Hideaway B&B there is an interesting sculpture trail covering five acres of Daintree rain forest.

This is a great place for a relaxing walk, or a refreshing dip in the creek, and there are unlimited photo opportunities.

View from Mount Sorrow over Cape Tribulation

Climb Mount Sorrow on the hiking trail and enjoy magnificent views over Cape Tribulation and out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Go for a refreshing dip in the swimming hole at Mason's Cafe.

Enjoy a yoga class at WHet 8PM on Wednesdays of most days at Prema Shanti.

In Diwan there is the Insect Museum with an amazing collection of insects and butterflies from around the world.

Drive up the dirt road past Cape Trib for a few kms and see Emmagen Creek and find a private swimming hole.

Learn about the Daintree's amazing eco system at the Discovery Centre in Cow Bay.

Check out the Snake House in Cape Tribulation and see some pythons.

Go for a stroll around Dubuji Boardwalk, just down the street from Rainforest Hideaway.

Try your luck at fishing, spot a cassowary, or find a coconut on the beach and open it for a healthy snack.

bar in Cape Tribulation

Enjoy a night out with a drink at Whet, Cape Tribulation's favourite bar / restaurant

If you have a 4WD go up the Bloomfield Track and see the Bloomfield Falls and the Lion's Den Hotel.

Explore the paradise beaches, there's lots to choose from.

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