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Some info on Cape Tribulation and the Daintree
aerial view of Cape Tribulation on the Daintree coast


Cape Tribulation is situated 36km. north of the Daintree river in the Daintree National Park. It has a colourful history, known as Kurangee by Aborigines for thousands of years and renamed Cape Tribulation by James Cook as this was the place where his tribulations (trouble) began. If Cook had sunk his ship here then he never would have made it futher to claim Australia for the British and the continent would have remained as New Holland.

In the 1970s Cape Tribulation was discovered by the hippies and it became the end of the London-Kathmandu-Cape Tribulation overland trail. Marijuana growing, smoking and running around naked on the beaches were the main activities during this decade.

In 1981 the rainforests surrounding the privately owned land were declared Cape Tribulation National Park, under protest from local council and state government who wanted to keep it as a State Forest, so it would be available for logging.

In 1988 UNESCO declared Cape Tribulation National Park a World Heritage Area because of its outstanding value and beauty, once again local and state government protested to no avail.

The Daintree contains some of the last surviving ancient rainforest, which according to the scientists has been virtually unchanged for at least 120 million years. The Amazon rainforest might be more famous, but is "only" about 20 million years old. The Daintree rainforest contains many plants and animals that are rare, endangered, or live nowhere else than here. Some trees have been discovered that were previously thought to be extinct for millions of years! The Daintree adjoins the Great Barrier Reef and UNESCO has recognized both as outstanding areas of scientific value and spectacular beauty and listed both the Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Areas.

In a world going more and more developed and busy the Daintree is an oasis of peace and greenery.

Daintree river ferry


Do we need a 4WD?

NO. if you are only going as far as Cape Tribulation you will not need a four wheel drive, the road has been sealed all the way since 2001 and there are bridges over the creeks, only if you plan to head further north on the coast road on the Bloomfield Track you will need one.

The Daintree ferry?

To reach Cape Tribulation you will have to cross the Daintree river with the cable ferry. This ferry runs up and down continuously from 6 am till midnight seven days a week. The current return fare is $27.- per car(2017). Keep yourself and especially the kids away from the water's edge if you wait here, crocodiles are quick and strong enough to drag horses in to the water so a child is an easy snack. See the Daintree maps page for more info and driving directions.

How far is Rainforest Hideaway from the beach?

The beach is straight down the road, to walk it will take you about 20 minutes, in a car no time at all.


Surprisingly enough the nights are mosquitoe free! And don't ask me how I did that, that's just the way it is, so enjoy! The house is all open and even at night with lights on no mosquitoes come in, there just aren't any around! We do get a few daytime mosquitoes in wetter times, but they are the type that likes to hover around without actually doing any real biting. Some people tell me on their second day yes, you were right, not having believed me at all when I told them on arrival there are no mosquitoes.

Can we bring children, do you supply cots?

We don't have cots, and children are welcome as long as they do not stop other guests from enjoying the place.

Mobile phone reception

In most of Cape Tribulation mobile phones do not work, only out on the point on the Cape or out on the ocean, also on the top of Noah Range along the main road.

Dangerous animals

This is the safest rainforest in the world! Poisonous snaked prefer open grassland and not the rainforest, and the only two species of poisonous spiders in Australia, the funnelweb and redback, do not live around here. So it is actually more dangerous to stay in Sydney with its funnelwebs than in the jungle of Cape Tribulation. In the water you have to be a bit more careful, from November till May there can be box jellyfish that can deliver painful, potentially fatal stings, so then you are better off swimming in one of the crystal clear creek swimming holes around Cape Tribulation. A cassowary could theoretically kill you by disemboweling you with its massive sharp claws but the last recorded death in Australia was somewhere around 1923.

Cooking facilities?

EVery cabin has its own basic cooking facilities.

What's in the Daintree

Services and facilities near Rainforest Hideaway
welcome to Cape Tribulation

Within walking distance, or a minute or so in the car, from Rainforest Hideaway you will find several places to eat such as Whet, pizza at the camp ground, Turtle Rock Cafe, and Mason's Cafe.

In the same area there are also two small grocery shops, one next to PK's and the Cape Trib Shop on the main road. There are also two bottle shops for takeaway alcohol, one at the Cape Trib Shop and one at PK's.

Within PK's Jungle Village there is a coin operated laundry with washing machines and dryers.

During the summer months when there are box jelly fish in the ocean you can swim in the swimming hole at the Cape Trib Shop, in the pool at PK's, in Emmagen Creek, and in the small water hole in the creek at Rainforest Hideaway.

There are no doctors or hospitals in the Daintree but a small clinic in Diwan is open Monday to Friday.

There is only one place that sells fuel north of the Daintree river and this is at Rainforest Vilage.

Due to the Queensland government's retarded view that the Daintree is not entitled to any basic services such as water, electricity, mobile phone or broadband internet you will find that some things work a bit different here.

Businesses have to run generators for their power supply, which is costly and creates pollution.

Free wifi is standard in nearly all accommodation around the world now, but in the Daintree businesses struggle to provide this to you, with low download quotas and slow speeds.

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