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If you are wondering what the Daintree Energy Levy is, please read below for an explanation.

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Since February 2014 Rainforest Hideaway B&B, is authorized to incorporate a special levy in their prices to absorb the sky high costs of producing its own electricity, this has been called the Daintree Energy Levy.

For decades the various levels of Australian Government have kept most of the Daintree area in Third World living conditions in the hope of driving out the population by denying basic services that people in modern western countries take for granted, and one of those is electricity.

In 1999 the north Queensland electricity provider FNQEB calculated the cost of renewable energy at $2.63 per kwh and more recent calculations made in Cape Tribulation in 2012 put the cost of providing small scale electricity through an isolated system at $5 per kwh! Meanwhile the rest of Australia still pays under 30 cents per kwh.

And more recently in November 2014, despite all the new inventions and cheaper technology, this detailed electricity cost study on the Ergon website puts the cost of generating your own electricity versus grid supply at SIX TIMES THE COST!!

Throughout Queensland there are 34 remote communities, mostly indigenous, who have their own power station and a mini grid through the town, even Stephen Island in the Torres Strait with only 40 households has power provided with its own station, and while it costs the Government over $2 per kwh to generate this electricity, the customers only pay normal city prices of under 30 cents.

In the Daintree every household and business needs to run its own generator, and households have some solar panels to help reduce costs on sunny days which are not too frequent in a rainforest.
This stubborn denial of basic service by the government has created the issues of and pollution and energy poverty, which is defined by United Nations as spending such a large proportion of income on electricity that it affects your quality of life and makes economic development and running a business unviable.
Queensland Energy Minister Mark McArdle has also identified renewable energy as being not economically viable, yet the Daintree has no choice.

The Queensland Government has said since it came in to power in 2012 that it has no money to provide the Daintree community with a grid like the rest of Australia, yet they continue to find money for all sorts of things that do not appear to be as high priority, and they own the north Queensland electricity provider ERGON Energy that makes over $400 million per year after tax profits.

In places like Africa where there is no funding for electricity infrastructure that is needed where there is a sudden increase in tourism the authorites impose an energy levy to provide funding for the infrastructure needed.

To compensate for the fact that it costs Rainforest Hideaway B&B SIXTEEN times more money to generate its own electricity than to buy from the grid like the rest of Australia, an electriciy levy has been authorized in February 2014 and will be included in room rates from April 2014.

We ask for your understanding and regret this levy but have no alternative if we want to keep Rainforest Hideaway open for people from around the world to enjoy.

If you do not agree with this energy levy and wish to complain please contact the Queensland Energy Minister and tell him to do something about the electricity crisis in the Daintree.

More information on the electricity crisis in the Daintree can be found on the website