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Thai Massage at Rainforest Hideaway

Relaz with a massage in the Daintree rain forest
Enjoy a trditional Thai massage in a relaxing environment at Rainforest Hideaway in the Daintree

From April 2015 you will be able to enjoy a professional traditional Thai massage in Cape Tribulation.

Your B&B hosts Rob and Aruni have established the above facility where Aruni practises the traditional Thai massage skills she has brought with her from her native Thailand.

Please allow us to give you an introduction in to what Thai massage is, as many people are either not sure or have no idea what the difference with more common western style massage is.

What most western people know as massage is often referred to as Swedish massage, with a Swede first having combined massage techniques from around the world in to a system of stroking and kneading, in this the recipient is undressed and massage oil is used.

In Thai massage the recipient is fully dressed, in thin loose fitting clothing, and no oil is used.
Instead of a massage table, the receiver lies on a matt or firm mattress.
Not only hands are used, but also elbows, knees, body weight, and for those built strong enough the masseuse can even walk on your back.

Traditional Thai massage has been practised for thousands of years, and has influences from India, China, and from yoga.

thai massage in cape tribulation
A great location for a relaxing massage in the tranquility of the Daintree rainforest

Thai massage uses some very strong  techniques
Not for every one, but those who can handle it can ask for the stronger techniques of Thai massage

stretching the body  in a thai massage
Stretching is an important part of Thai massage

Thai massage has some very effective ways of relieving back pains
Thai massage is great for relieving lower back pains

Deep tissue massage
The strong techniques of Thai massage go deeper and are more effective than other massage styles

Legs and feet are used to stretch all parts of the body
Thai massage combines stretching and applying pressure in many different ways

Thai massage is like yoga
Thai massage has some interesting stretches, and you can see why it is also sometimes called "yoga massage" or "yoga for the lazy".

stretching in thai massage
Thai massage stretches and moves many parts of the body, and is more rigorous than the western style oil massage.


Thai Massage Rates

1 Hour $75.-
1.5 Hour $110.-



Oil Massage Rates

1 Hour $75.-


Contact us for enquiries and bookings


massage in the daintree rainforest
A good massage is the ultimate way to relax and rejuvenate your body during your holiday in the Daintree



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