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Cape Tribulation and Daintree crocodile tours

Crocodiles in the Cape Tribulation Daintree area were once hunted but are now protected
and there are quite a few to be seen on the crocodile tours that operate on the Daintree River and Cooper Creek.

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crocodile in daintree river
Photo by Solar Whisper

Crocodile spotting is a popular activity around Cape Tribulation and many crocodiles live in the Daintree river and all other creeks in the area. The best time to see crocodiles is in the winter / dry season when the water is cold and they lie on the river banks to sun themselves. Be crocodile aware when you arrive in this area, many people stand right at the waters edge of the Daintree river or other creeks, even with their children. A crocodile can swim 20km/h under water without a ripple on the surface and burst out with enough speed and power to drag a horse or cow into the water so you or your children are an easy target. Keep away from the waters edge and get on a safe boat is the best advice.

Crocodile eating a giant perch
Crocodile eating a giant perch
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Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises is the only tourboat permitted up Cooper Creek, roughly halfway between the Daintree river and Cape Tribulation. They can take you on a mangrove discovery tour towards the panorama of Queensland’s third highest mountain, Thornton Peak, on a leisurely & informative cruise into this unique world of mangroves.
Home to reputedly the most biodiverse mangrove system in Australia, Cooper Creek’s significance has been internationally recognized and rewarded by Queensland Park’s & Wildlife Service, which has afforded absolute protection to the creek’s flora and fauna.
Devoid of tourist infrastructure, freehold subdivision and agriculture, Cooper Creek is, as it was, unspoiled by development, a perfect picture of prehistoric times.

Cost for this cruise is $34.- for adults and $24.- for children.


Most of the other tours run on the Daintree River, you will find the ticket offices just before the Daintree river ferry crossing.

crocodile our on cooper creek
Looking for crocodiles on Cooper Creek


Crocodile Exress, established in 1979, offers nature lovers the best of the Daintree with one hour cruises departing regularly from multiple locations on the river. Each passenger is offered a "Croc Pass" to travel unlimited on any of our cruises over a three day period from the saltwater mangrove and rainforest habitat in the lower Daintree River or the freshwater pasture lands and rainforest upstream from the Daintree Village. There is lots of wildlife to be seen including birds, reptiles, butterflies and crocodiles. You can book this tour with instant confirmation.

Crocodile Express


Solar Whisper is an electric wildlife cruise boat with the latest technology in whisper quiet electric outboard motors and their croc-cam can instantly replay any missed action of Daintree wildlife. The on-board digital video camera linked to a full size television screen for hard to see wildlife and action re-plays of the Daintree River. Trained and experienced guide with 'eagle eyes' to track down Crocodiles (spotted on most trips, especially low tide), Birds, Snakes, Frogs, etc. and interpret their part in the Mangrove & Rainforest Ecosystem. Book with us here...

crocodile attacks crocodile on daintree river
One crocodile attacks another


Dan Irby's Mangrove Adventures offers Daintree River cruises which are very personal and informative for both the amateur and professional visitors all year round catering for small tour groups of 2-10 people

Join Dan for a Daintree River Tour and you will see and learn about the interaction and importance of the fascinating plants and animals found only in the Daintree River Mangrove ecosystem.

The main boat, "Nightwatchman" is 6 metres long with an open top and very comfortable 360 degree swivel seats. The swivel seats allow you to turn to see "the action" rather than sitting shoulder to shoulder on a bench seat. Nightwatchman's shallow draft allows a much closer approach to things of interest. Its wide beam also gives it great stability. Dan's tours depart from the ferry crossing on the northern side of the Daintree river. Book with us here....

Dan Irby with a tree snake


More info on crocodiles and crocodile attacks...


crocodile warning sign
No swimming, crocodiles !


You can either book this tour on arrival in Cape Trib or, if you'd like to book in advance, your host Shane will be happy to make arangements for you. This way you can book your accommodation and crocodile spotting trip all at the same time and only need to send your deposit or credit card details once. If you have already booked your accommodation at Rainforest Hideaway you can at any time later easily book these trips and it will not be necessary to re-send your credit card details. (There is no extra booking fee, you pay exactly the same as when you'd go to the tour operator directly).


When you book please include:

- name

- date and time of travel, and a second option if possible in case this time is fully booked

- number of adults and children


To book or ask any other details on the trip send an email.


Please note that none of the crocodile tours do pick-ups, you will need your own transport to get to the tours.
If you're staying at Rainforest Hideaway the nearest one is Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises at Cooper Creek, about twenty minutes down the road, though most of the crocodile tours on the Daintree river will pick you up from the north side of the river on request to save you paying the ferry to get your car across.

All you need to do to book is send the above info and authorize Rainforest Hideaway to charge the cost of the tour to your credit card.
In the event of the trip being cancelled due to extremely bad weather or other problems you will receive a full refund of this payment.