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Cape Tribulation Beaches

Cape Tribulation has an abundance of unspoilt paradise beaches,
and to get you in the mood for your holidays below is a guide to the pristine beaches of the Daintree Coast

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Cape Tribulation is surrounded by stunning beaches, all along the Daintree Coast there are numerous pristine beaches that quite often you can have all to yourself, or share with just a few others.

A very frequently asked question is; is it safe to swim at the beach? The answer used to be yes, outside box jelly fish season that runs from November till May.
But recently the situation has changed, first with a crocodile attack at Thornton Beach where a woman was killed, and then with a rapid succession of crocodile attacks in March 2017.
But if youlook at this listing of crocodile attacks in Australia and you will find that nearly all attacks occurred either at night, to people that had been drinking, and in places like muddy rivers, mangroves, outback billabongs etc. The chances of a sober person in broad daylight on a beach being attacked are still less than having a car crash on your way here.

Myall Beach

myall beach in cape tribulation

This is the closest beach to Rainforest Hideaway, literally straight down the street. The beach is accessed via a boardwalk over the mangroves, and there is also the Dubuji boardwalk here.
From the southern end of Myall Beach you can follow a track to the local shop, and at the northern end you can either walk out to the point of the cape for a view, or take a track to Cape Tribulation Beach.
The creek at the northern end of Myall Beach is called Mason Creek and should be crossed at low tide, high tide is not recommended as there have been crocodiles spotted in this creek, although the crocodile that bit Stephan from Belgium has been removed.


Cape Tribulation Beach

cape tribulation beach

On days when the south east trade winds blow this beach is a good choice as you can swim in the shelter of the cape. Avoid the middle of the day when busloads of daytrippers converge on this spot for a picnic and a quick photo, and parking can be hard to find. You can also walk here from Myall Beach, just near the northern end there is a walking track that takes you over the saddle behind the cape to Cape Tribulation Beach. A large cassowary was often seen around the picnic area and on the beach here, there's even some movies on Youtube of people getting chased around by the cassowary on this beach. This is also the departure point for the reef trips. When you walk north along this beach at some point you will reach The Beachhouse, which has a bar and restaurant almost on the beach where you can have a drink.

Emmagen Beach

emmagen beach

This is a small but very beautiful beach, a bit north of Cape Tribulation. You can either walk here heading north along Cape Tribulation beach and then hopping over the rocks at low tide (at high tide this does not work too well) or you can drive up north a bit. This is unsealed road but if you take it easy then any car should be able to do it. Just before the road crosses Emmagen Creek there is a sharp bend to the left, and at this point there is also a huge strangler fig tree on your right, this is the point where a track leads from the tree to the beach, there are no signs.

Coconut Beach

coconut beach

As the name suggests there are lots of coconut trees along this beach, giving it a very tropical look. There are two ways to access this beach, either through Cape Tribulation Resort, or where to road meets the beach just south of the resort. A large part of this beach has a fringing reef making swimming a little tricky at certain tides, and the creek at the northern end is where Mason's nightwalks go to shine the spotlight to see crocodile eyes reflecting so keep out of there.

Noah Beach

noah beach

A long and deserted beach, used only by the few people that camp in the National Parks Campground that is located here.

Thornton Beach

thornton beach

Thornton Beach is located about 20 minutes south of Rainforest Hideaway. This is the only beach with a cafe right on the beach, get some lunch or a beer here and relax on the beach. Walk to the south end of the beach to Cooper Creek, but watch out for crocodiles, this is the creek where Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises do their tours, and crocs are spotted on most tours!