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Frequently asked questions on Cape Tribulation and the Daintree


Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Cape Tribulation, the Daintree and Rainforest Hideaway, please see if your question is there and if not, feel free to email me with your questions!


daintree coast accommodation at cape tribulation
Off grid eco accommodation in the Daintree

Frequently asked questions:


Do we need a four wheel drive?

NO. if you are only going as far as Cape Tribulation you will not need a four wheel drive, only if you plan to head further north on the coast road on the Bloomfield Track you will need one.
In the wet season a four wheel drive can sometimes come out handy when water flows over the causeways in very heavy rain, a bit of extra clearance from the road can make the difference between being able to get through or having to wait a few hours for water levels to recede.
The local council finally managed to seal the road all the way to Cape Tribulation by Easter 2002, it had taken them ten years to lay 36km. of bitumen (the Chinese built their 5000 km. Great Wall of China in ten years too....)

How do we get there?

For info on bustransport and links to online hire car reservations click here.

For maps and driving directions click here.

Cooking facilities? Use of kitchen?

The Daintree Jungle House has a basic kitchen to do your cooking. and our other two cabins have basic barbeque cooking facilities.

The Daintree river Ferry ?

On the highway turn right at this sign

Cars entering the Daintree river ferry

To reach Cape Tribulation you will have to cross the Daintree river with the cable ferry.
This ferry runs up and down continuously from 6 am till midnight seven days a week.
The current return fare in 2019 is $30.- per car. Keep yourself and especially the kids away from the water's edge if you wait here, crocodiles are quick and strong enough to drag horses in to the water so a child is an easy snack.

How far is Rainforest Hideaway from the beach?

The beach is straight down the road, to walk it will take you about 20 minutes, in a car no time at all, see this map.


Surprisingly enough the nights are mosquitoe free! And don't ask me how I did that, that's just the way it is, so enjoy. The house is all open and even at night with lights on no mosquitoes come in, there just aren't any around! We do get a few daytime mosquitoes in wetter times, but they are the type that likes to hover around without actually doing any real biting. Some people tell me on their second day yes, you were right, not having believed me at all when I told them on arrival there are no mosquitoes.

Cancellation policy

Click here to read the cancellation policy.

Can we bring children, do you supply cots?

We don't have cots, and children are welcome as long as they do not stop other guests from enjoying the place.

Check-in and check-out time?

Check in is from 14:00 till 20:00, please get in touch with us if you intend to arrive very early or very late.

Check-out is at 10.00 am.

Air-conditioners, fridges, TVs, DVD players, hair dryers etc.

Air-conditioners need a huge amount of electricity, and Rainforest Hideaway runs on solar power and batteries. The government won't supply electricity to Cape Tribulation, north of the Daintree river only the mayor and his neighbours enjoy mains electricity.
You will find that the rainforest with its massive evaporation of water always keeps things cool, and only from late November to February we actually need fans. Through the dry season I get more requests for extra blankets than fans and we even use the fire place too on the chilly nights!

Hair dryers also use a massive amount of electricity despite their small physical size, they will crash the solar power system within seconds.
TV could work on solar power but is not provided, most people enjoy listening to the sounds of the rainforest, and one person watching a loud TV would ruin this experience for everyone else, if you can not live without TV then this is not the place for you. Most Aussie TV is pretty boring anyway.
Fridges are also big energy users, and our solar panels in a rain forest can't generate enough for a fridge in every room. We can provide you with an esky and ice blocks or you can borrow some space in our fridge.

Tour bookings / trips to the Great Barrier Reef?

There is quite a choice of different tours from Cape Tribulation, your host Shane is happy to advise you on the most suitable ones for you and to book any of these for you, either on arrival or in advance if you want to be assured of a place on the tour.
More info on the tours here, feel free to email me for any more info.

Internet / Wifi

Internet used to be limited at Rainforest Hideaway, due to our remote location there is no cable and the satellite provider charged by the download which made it very expensive.
Fortunately thanks to the National Broadband Network we now have a satellite dish with a more generous download, and you are welcome to share it, each guest gets a quota of 100Mb per day.
Please see here for more info on Daintree accommodation with free Wifi.
You will also find internet facilities down the road at the bigger resorts, and the restaurant Whet.

Mobile phone reception

In most of Cape Tribulation mobile phones do not work, only out on the point on the Cape or out on the ocean, more info here.

Dangerous animals

This is the safest rainforest in the world! Poisonous snakes prefer open grassland and not the rainforest, and the only two species of poisonous spiders in Australia, the funnelweb and redback, do not live around here. So it is actually more dangerous to stay in Sydney with its funnelwebs than in the jungle of Cape Tribulation.
In the water you have to be a bit more careful, from November till May there can be box jellyfish that can deliver painful, potentially fatal stings, so then you are better off swimming in one of the crystal clear creek swimming holes around Cape Tribulation.

This page is still under construction and more will be added soon.