Cape Tribulation Accommodation - B&B / Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Daintree Rainforest National Park
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Cape Tribulation accommodation at its best !

A private bungalow with bed and breakfast deep inside the oldest rainforest in the world,
walking distance from Cape Tribulation town and beach!
This is your chance to spend the night deep inside the rainforest
in Cape Tribulation's most unique B&B with a maximum of only four guests!

daintree coast accommodation at cape tribulation


queensize blackbean bed in cabin
cassowary visiting the B&B
cape tribulation's best choice for accommodation

If you're looking for comfortable jungle style rainforest accommodation in Cape Tribulation then you have come to the right place.
Rainforest Hideaway is a small place with only two rooms but your host thought it would be a bit boring to number them 1 and 2 so this cabin has been assigned number 1092.

Cabin 1092 features a queensize bed and bedside tables made of salvaged blackbean timber from a tree that fell over in the wet season of 1995, all handcrafted by your host.
Walls are lined with local nutwood and this cabin has its own front verandah and a very special outdoor bathroom.

Nightly rate for this room starts from $159.- and includes all linen, towels, help yourself coffee and tea , free Wifi, tax and Daintree Energy Levy.

This is the world famous outdoor bathroom of this cabin

rainforest accommodation
covered walkway to keep you dry in the rain

This is the world famous outdoor bathroom of this cabin

The cabin also has a small front verandah overlooking the goldfish pond with two brolgas made by visiting artist Garry Greenwood.

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There are many more sculptures on the property and you are welcome to explore the rainforest sculpture trail that winds its way through the jungle down to the beautiful creek.

cape tribulation sculpture trail

Cape Tribulation used to be known by Aborigines as Kurangee, meaning place of many cassowaries.
Though for quite a few years the cassowary was never seen around Cape Tribulation, they have made a comeback in recent years and the cassowary pictured below makes a regular appearance at Rainforest Hideaway, during 2009 and 2010 also with some young chicks in tow.
All the books and experts will tell you that male and female do not hang out together with chicks but this couple must have been alternative cassowary hippies as they broke with tradition.

cassowary in cape tribulation visiting the bed and breakfast cassowary  at accommodation in daintree national park

Cassowary chicks around Rainforest Hideaway in 2009

cassowaries outside your accommodation in cape tribulation

Cassowary juveniles growing up around Rainforest Hideaway in 2010, now they had split up,
the father kept two and the mother kept one, also not traditional behaviour.


Rates for cabin 1092 start from $159.- p.n. for bed and breakfast.

Thanks to the government stubbornly denying us grid electricity we have to make do with batteries, generator and solar panels.
This means that the list of facilities is not what you would consider standard in the city.
No air-con (but you'll be surprised how cool the rainforest air is), no TV or fridge in room, no hair-dryer, no electric water jug to make coffee.
In summer time a pedestal fan will be placed in your room, and adjustable glass louvres capture natural cooling breezes. All lights are energy-savers, and there is gas to heat your shower and make a coffee in the kitchen.
We offer free Wifi with a daily limit of 100Mb per device, and have a selection of videos of cassowaries and other local wildlife around the house stored on our wifi router which you can watch on your device.

layout of daintree accommodation

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